Building Automation and Integration Platforms

Honeywell Controller Accessories

We carry accessories and parts for Honeywell Controllers. (you can purchase these in select regions through our sister company Honeywell has the Niagara Framework-based building management solution that takes all aspects of your building and occupant needs into consideration to maximize energy efficiency and make management of your facility simpler and more user-friendly. Add the power of Spyder® or Stryker controllers, and you’ll have the versatility to choose from a collection of best-in-class control products ready to evolve and meet all your HVAC and lighting control needs.

Johnson Controls Facility Explorer

We carry parts and accessories for JCI and its controller components using Facility Explorer® . Facility Explorer, aka FX, Is layered with the powerful and intuitive Johnson Controls programming, configuration and migration tools, this is the best Facility Explorer release yet. Need a controller? visit our sister site as certain products are restricted via sales territories in certain regions.

KMC Conquest

KMC Conquest is the newest line of KMC BACnet® advanced application digital controllers and sensors for controlling building systems and HVAC equipment. This lineup of building automation hardware ranges from basic application controllers to fully programmable and customizable solutions with integrated alarming, trending, and scheduling. Using patented technology like NFC, which lets you configure controllers with your smart mobile device, and our range of Override Boards for the BAC-5901 series general purpose controller, which allow unprecedented control of the controller’s outputs, KMC Conquest delivers the ultimate in flexibility and control.

Siemens – J2 Innovations FIN5

FIN (Fluid INtegration) is the next generation Building Operating System. It features a new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, which enables unprecedented new functionality. It works as seamlessly on a tablet and smartphone as it does on a desktop. FIN is a HTML5 browser based unified toolset optimized for efficient workflows. It dramatically reduces engineering labor, helping you build your customer’s solution easier, faster, and better. FIN was designed to encourage community collaboration and seamlessly supports add-on applications such as automated analytics.

EasyIO FS32 with SystemView 10

SystemView10 is a tablet with a sleek profile for easy mounting. It is equipped with an advanced processor for high-speed performance. This android tablet features a large touch screen for easy viewing. The FS32 is a high-performance server class controller with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 512 MB RAM and 8 GB flash memory. Its software capabilities are very powerful with HTML5 graphics and multifunction adapter widgets.

Honeywell LCBS Connect

Cloud-Based Light Commercial Control. Improve service to your customers and grow your business with Honeywell’s LCBS Connect. Remote HVAC system monitoring and diagnostics help you better serve your customers while spending less time in your truck.

Johnson Controls Verasys

Verasys offers customers in the light commercial market a flexible, one-source procurement solution with advanced technology already embedded for the self-discovery of Smart Equipment™. Suitable for single- or multi-zone applications, this new controls system seamlessly connects to a vast range of mechanical and electrical equipment, controls and sensors using wireless configurations that result in cost savings. Verasys accomplishes this without requiring any special programming tools, ensuring low installation costs.

KMC Commander

KMC Commander™ is a next-generation IoT (Internet of Things) solution that connects your building and other devices to the cloud and provides meaningful data in real-time to your PC or mobile device. The KMC Commander platform consists of Dell Edge Gateway hardware plus KMC IoT software and cloud services. It is an out-of-the-box solution to visualize, connect, and manage energy, building, and other systems. It not only works with KMC controllers, but also most third-party meters and many other energy and automation devices. It is designed to aggregate, analyze, secure, and relay data from diverse sensors and equipment…and communicate the analytics and visualizations to your mobile device. From a mobile device in the palm of your hand, you can analyze and act on data at the edge of the network with this IoT platform, purpose-built for building and industrial automation.

Building Energy & Efficiency Systems

Honeywell Slate Combustion Management System

Meet SLATE – A single platform for almost any combustion application. With the revolutionary integration of configurable safety and programmable logic, SLATE is easily customized for virtually any application in any industry. In less time, and with far less complexity.

Honeywell Thermal IQ Remote Monitoring and Analytics

Consisting of wireless connectivity, a mobile application and an enterprise-view dashboard, the Thermal IQ platform securely connects combustion equipment to the cloud, making critical thermal process data that is normally trapped at the equipment level available anytime, anywhere, on any smart device or desktop.

Siemen J2 Innovations – FIN Edge2Cloud

FIN Edge2Cloud allows users of the FIN Framework to easily access building data, and service and upgrade FIN-based building automation systems remotely and securely. Until now, this has required IT support, including the use of a VPN connection, or having to visit site, using up valuable time and resources.

FIN Framework is the most innovative and advanced software platform for building automation and IoT applications.

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