Control Products Announces New Partnership with Resolute Building Intelligence

Building-performance analytics & reporting software for Building Services Providers

Control Products is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Resolute Building Intelligence. Resolute is a break-through provider of building-performance analytics and reporting software designed to help building services professionals optimize the performance of their customers’ facilities. They do this by transforming the massive amounts of incoherent performance data generated daily by building systems and equipment into real-time answers to real-world problems.

Leveraging revolutionary cloud-to-cloud integration technology and patent-pending building configuration functionality, their unique solution simplifies and streamlines the implementation process. It does this by enabling connection to building systems in minutes if not seconds, configuration of the system in hours instead of weeks or months, and use of analytics-driven insights, accurate root-cause analysis and on-demand reports on Day One.

Connect. Configure. Use. All in a Single Day

The Resolute solution consists of two complementary software applications that seamlessly work together to allow you to quickly connect your building, collect and configure data, apply analytic rules to your data, and use the resulting analytic insights to better understand and improve your building’s performance.

Resolute Synergy – Building Configuration

Used to connect buildings to the Resolute Cloud™ and to configure these buildings to capture the correct data in the correct formats to ensure the best analytics results.

Resolute Fusion – Analytics & Reporting

Used after the integration process to access analytical insights, charts, reports, scorecards, and action items related to equipment performance and energy usage.

About the Partnership

As a distributor of building automation systems and components Control Products is uniquely qualified to support and deliver the Resolute solutions to our customers. Any systems integrator or building service contractor can be trained by Control Products on the successful implementation of a Resolute integration. Once applied the customer then becomes the expert, utilizing the resulting actionable information to serve the building owner and its occupants.  Control Products and Resolute are there, together, to make you indispensable to your customers.

About Resolute

Resolute was founded by tech-industry veterans with extensive experience developing big-data, cloud-based software solutions for large enterprise customers across multiple verticals such as real estate, banking, transportation, manufacturing and others. In short, they are big-data, software experts. The Resolute technology team includes highly skilled software developers, energy engineers, system integrators and analytics experts. This unique blend of talent comprises the core competencies, skills and experience needed to build an innovative and intuitive analytics solution powerful enough to competently address today’s building-performance challenges while helping you take your business to the next level.

About Control Products

Control Products is your control systems partner specializing in building automation systems and components. Our representatives are control system experts with extensive multi-manufacturer experience. Whether you are a contractor competing for business or a facility engineer working to maintain your building, Control Products can help you excel. Through a variety of services such as training programs, remote or on-site technical support, system design, or programming support, Control Products can help you make your buildings better. We are your Control Partner; always there to Help When You Need It.