U020-0028- Veris Industries- Badger Flow


M20TE120F15SACXX-MMXXVACXXGR. Badger Meter 12″ Magnetoflow Electromagnetic Flow Meter. Includes PTFE Liner, Grounding Rings, AC Power and Meter Mounted Amp.

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Electromagnetic (mag) flow meters are capable of measuring flow in almost any liquid, slurry, or paste with a minimum of electrical conductivity using Faraday’s law of induction. These meters are highly accurate, at 0.25% or better, exceeding AWWA accuracy standards for mechanical meters. The smart, micro-processor based electronics are simple to operate, with AMR and SCADA ready standard outputs. The NEMA 4X enclosure provides durability.

  • Open flow tube design…no head loss, no moving parts to fail
  • Works with most solids common in liquid systems…great for well water and reclaimed water systems…not fouled by sand, gravel, or debris
  • Bi-directional flow measurement capability…suitable for inter-city billing
  • Password protection…protect against unwanted program changes
  • Wide flow range…exceeds operating characteristics of turbine and propeller meters
  • 0.25% accuracy independent of fluid viscosity, density, and temperature
  • Corrosion resistant liners…ensures long life
  • Rubber or PTFE lined…application flexibility
  • Electronics (head) can be mounted remotely…added control options

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