U001-0140- Veris Industries- Badger Flow


Badger 310-00. Programmable, non-BTU, converts frequency input to 4-20mA analog output, loop voltage 9-35VDC. Must use U001-0020 programming kit.

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310-00 loop-powered programmable transmitter is capable of converting the signal from any of our flow sensors to a linear 4-20mA analog signal. In addition to standard square wave signals, it can also accept a sine wave, making it a versatile transmitter for numerous applications.


  • Converting sine/square wave signals to 4-20mA
  • Increasing wire run length limit for flow sensors
  • Connecting flow sensors to BAS panels


  • Programmable (units of measure, calibration, etc.) using computer with Windows™-based operating system…save installation time in the field by pre-programming the device
  • Accepts sine wave input from a variety of other sources for application flexibility
  • Compact size…saves space in crowded enclusures
  • 9-35 VDC powered

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