H922- Veris Industries- Current Transducer


Split core, amperage range: 0 to 30/60/120A AC selectable, Analog output transducer: 0 to 5VDC output, induced powered. CE, UL.

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The Hawkeye 922 provides accurate load trending information with a proportional 0-5VDC output signal. Slide-switches provide easy field selection of monitored amperage range without jumpers (available on most models).

  • Load trending
  • Motor control
  • Positive proof of flow

Self-powered analog current sensor simplifies installation

  • No external power required for sensor…eliminate power supplies
  • Self-gripping split-core for fast retrofit installation… no need to remove conductor
  • No jumpers on unit…reduces installation error

Selectable factory calibrated ranges for increased flexibility and resolution

  • Available with three field-selectable ranges per unit…fewer versions to choose from, stock, and install
  • Bracket can be installed in three different configurations…added flexibility
  • 100% solid state, no moving parts to fail
  • 5-year limited warranty

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