BAPI Wireless Thermobuffer

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BAPI’s Wireless Thermobuffer Sensor transmits the temperature of walk-in freezers or coolers to a gateway up to 275 feet away. The Thermobuffer features a watertight BAPI-Box enclosure with a 2” or 4” buffer chamber or 1” hanging bracket which is filled with customer-provided food grade glycol. This allows the unit to track the temperature of the contents, rather than the air.The unit has an estimated battery life of 5 years with the default transmit rate of once every 5 minutes.** The transmitted values are picked up by a gateway and supplied directly to the BAS via multiple communication options (TCP/IP, JSON, BACnet IP). The transceiver is capable of storing all data in memory until it receives a successful reception signal from the gateway, so that no data is lost during a communication interruption. The 900 MHz signal is “frequency agile”.*Up to 275 Foot In-Building Range *Reduces Temperature “Spikes” from Opening the Freezer Door * User-Adjustable Transmission Rate, Approximate 5 Year Battery Life with 5 Minute Transmit Rate * Gateway Provides Data to the BAS via multiple communication options (TCP/IP, JSON, BACnet IP)

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 in

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