BAC-5051E – KMC Controls – Router: BACnet, IP/Enet/Single MSTP


Router: BACnet, IP/Enet/Single MSTP

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The KMC Controls BAC-5051E is a multi-port BACnet router. This compact router is powerful enough for heavy network traffic and small enough to use as a control technician’s service tool.
nVAV Airflow Balancing Use with an Internet browser as an airflow balancing tool for BAC-8000 and BAC-9000 series VAV controllers.
nZone Configuration Use the router to set up a BAC-120063CW-ZEC zoning Flexstat.
nRouting Install the BAC-5051E for BACnet IP, Ethernet, and MS/TP routing. The IP routing is fully compliant with BACnet Standard 134-2012, Annex J.
nBrowser Configuration Configure the BAC-5051E using only an Internet browser. No special software to learn or load.
nFlexible Mounting Two mounting choices for permanent installations–DIN rails or surface mount.
nDiagnostics Embedded metrics include: total number of devices, frame counts, frames in error, data frames, duplicate MAC addresses, token passing, and poll-for-master count.
nAutomatically Learns Networks Detects and configures routing for the actual discovered networks.
nEnable and Disable Routing Use the router as a diagnostic tool to monitor traffic without routing traffic.
nBTL Listed Meets the BACnet Testing Labs B-RTR profile for a BACnet router.

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