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NO2,SensorMod,GWN,0-15ppm range,setpoint 1ppm (fixed) ,3ppm (fixed)

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GWN Series gas sensors provide data for optimal ventilation. The GWN Series can detect gas concentrations and provide data for air handling systems to provide an inlet of fresh air, optimal for the space at a given time. In this manner, the ventilation fan does not need to run continuously, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. The GWN Series gas sensor modules may also contain setpoint values that trip relays within the GWN platform.


  • Controlling parking garage and sally port ventilation
  • Ensuring OSHA air quality compliance in commercial buildings and factories

High accuracy and stability

  • Microprocessor controlled…high accuracy, excellent stability
  • No calibration required…easy maintenance and worry-free operation
  • Sensor, Electrochemical

Ventilation control in parking garages for energy savings

  • 2-year warranty (from manufacture date), long-life replaceable sensor element

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