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The RIM-5 was designed for use in any application where you would like to replace a stand-alone thermostat with your building management system as well as any other similar application in which multiple isolation relays are needed. While some building management systems or controllers are equipped with relay contacts, many others have a Universal or TRIAC (Solid State) digital output. In the case where your building management system has a Universal or TRIAC output, the RIM-5 should be used to replace your thermostat contacts with up to five SPST pilot or isolation relays rated to a maximum contact rating of 10A in order to control your end devices tied to the thermostat contacts. The RIM-5 will accept either a 12 VDC or 24 VAC power source by adjusting the field selectable jumpers in the field and also includes a “Status” LED indicator for each of the relays that can be used to aid in the trouble shooting of your mechanical equipment by displaying the current operating state of your mechanical equipment. 

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