133778, A/1K-LTS-4X-50′ – ACI Temperature

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Temperature, Freezer, RTD, A/1K-LTS, NEMA 4X, 50′

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The A/100-LTS, A/1K-LTS, A/TT100-LTS, and A/TT1K-LTS Series sensors and temperature transmitters incorporate a Class B, wire wound platinum RTD sensor which conforms to DIN-IEC-751 and DIN 43760 platinum RTD standards.  They are designed to withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations that cause issues with standard temperature sensors in your typical freezer application. 

The ACI Freezer RTD Series is covered by ACI’s Two (2) Year Limited Warranty.  The warranty can be found in the front of ACI’s Sensors & Transmitters catalog, as well as on ACI’s web site, www.workaci.com.

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