131049, MOD9200LON-B – ACI Wireless

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Wireless, Net Transceivers & Repeaters, MOD9200LON (LonWorks® Network Transceiver), MOD9200LON-B, ,

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The MOD9200LON network transceiver utilizes reliable Spread Spectrum Mesh Network Radio technology. Together with other wireless sensors and controls, the system can be used to transmit remote sensor readings, status/alarm indications, control signals and outputs wirelessly. It is compatible with control networks or automation systems that utilize LonWorks® communication protocol or interface. Up to 50 separate physical wireless sensor transmitters and/or wireless remote output (analog & digital) modules can be used with one MOD9200LON Transceiver and up to 100 data points and 100 wireless outputs can be monitored and controlled with one (1) MOD9200 Transceiver. ACI wireless sensors and systems are designed for retrofit HVAC, Building Automation, and industrial systems.  Typical applications include: churches, museums, historical sites, etc.  They are also suitable for flexible office/work station lay outs, auditoriums and conference centers with movable walls, or wide open warehouse spaces. Note: LonWorks is a registered trademark of the Echelon Corporation.

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