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This is factory certified training conducted by a KMC factory instructor. The intended audiences for this class are Controls Technicians, Controls Service Technicians, Application Engineers, and Controls Programmers with a 2-year HVAC certification or equivalent field experience.

The objective of this 3-day class is to provide instruction on the configuration and operation of KMC Conquest hardware using the KMC Connect Lite mobile app and KMC Connect software.

  • KMC Connect Lite provides fast in the office or in the field configuration of KMC Conquest hardware using Near Field Communication (NFC) to write information and communication settings to an unpowered, still in the box Conquest controller.
  • KMC Connect provides configuration and operator workstation options for Building Automation Systems using KMC Conquest hardware (and earlier versions) in a BACnet environment.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of KMC Conquest Hardware (hardware/software requirements)
  • Best practice for design and deployment of KMC products
  • Using the KMC Connect Lite App and KMC Connect software to configure KMC Conquest hardware.

At the end of the course, successful students will be able to:

1. Describe and discuss the capabilities of KMC Conquest hardware.
2. Describe and discuss the capabilities of the KMC Connect Lite mobile app and KMC Connect software.
3. Create an MS/TP network with Conquest hardware and a BAC-5051E router.
4. Correctly describe the BACnet protocol, its application, and then configure and install a BACnet system.
5. Use KMC Connect tools and menus to describe and demonstrate configuration of KMC Conquest, standard BACnet, and 3rd party hardware.
6. Create, view, and modify Trends and Alarms for a site.
7. Use KMC Connect Control Basic editor to accurately read, edit, and create programs using Control Basic language.
8. Complete assignments during class to demonstrate practical application.


Upon successful completion of the class, students will receive a certificate of recognition as being KMC Connect certified.