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Networking has become the backbone of modern building control and automation systems. Our latest control systems are being designed using high speed Ethernet networks down to the end devices. This infrastructure will dramatically increase communication speeds and thus throughput at all levels in the system. From there building owners and technologists will be able to implement sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize their buildings. Todays HVAC and control specialists will need to successfully operate, install and maintain these systems. Therefore, a solid understanding of information technology and general networking is a must for today’s building technicians.

This course is designed to help an HVAC/Control Technician or Building Engineer understand the fundamentals of networking as it relates to building control and automation systems. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Understand what computer networks are and how they are used.
• Identify various network strategies and topologies.
• Identify various hardware components of a computer network and understand their functions.
• Understand how network software is used to communicate over a network and to use network services.
• Define standards and protocols and understand how they are used to communicate on a network.
• Understand how data is transmitted over a network.
• Identify the OSI model and understand how communication layers interact.
• Understand what the Internet is and how to use it.
• Identify the basic functions of network management.
• Identify future possibilities for computers and computer networks.

Lunch will be provided each day for the students.


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